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Congratulations to the Friends of the Parks/
Monmouth County Park System Birding All-Star Team! 

Friends of the Parks/Monmouth County Park System Birding All-Star Team Members are Paul Mandala, Lisa Fanning, Rob Fanning & Sam Skinner.  This amazing team placed second!  

Here is summary of Saturday’s competition from the team as reported by Lisa Fanning:

World Series of Birding 2021 - MCPS Mudbats

evening sky  

What an amazing day!   We finished the day at 142 species cumulatively.   

From our first bird - a Yellow-crowned Night Heron found by Paul to our last, an American Woodcock (or appropriately, Mudbat) seen displaying by Rob at Freneau Woods and all the other amazing birds in between, including a Great Horned Owl found by Sam and a tricky female Rose-breasted Grosbeak spotted by Lisa that took a few tries to find, the day was full of surprises.

Our efforts were focused mainly on Monmouth County Parks, but had a few detours along the way.  A very lost western bird, called a Golden-crowned Sparrow was found at Sandy Hook and some of us went to see it.    The good news is that because our category of Limited Geographic Area (LGA) focuses on Monmouth County as a whole, so we were able to count this incredible rarity in our big day total!

By midday, the weather brought some surprises, including a hail storm in parts of the county, and pouring rain, but luckily the storm was short-lived.

Here is our day by the numbers:

    • $1800+ raised for Friends of Monmouth County Parks (Bird box project) (see attached)
    • 142 total species
    • 21 species of Warblers
    • 12 species of Shorebirds
    • 12 Monmouth County Parks birded
    • 10 species of ducks
    • 9 species of Sparrows including the aforementioned rare Golden-crowned (plus the “Old World” sparrow - House Sparrow)
    • 7 species of Gulls & Terns
    • 6 species of Herons
    • 5 species of Woodpeckers
    • 5 species of Swallow
    • 5 species of Thrush
    • 4 very satisfied (and tired) MCPS Mudbats team members :)
    • 3 species of Wrens
    • 1 MUDBAT!! (American Woodcock) displaying at dusk


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RAP program

RAP - Recreation Assistance Program    

In 1986, the Monmouth County Park System began the Recreation Assistance Program (RAP) to provide a variety of recreational activities for underprivileged youth in our urban communities. In recognition of this program’s importance, the Friends of the Parks, a 501(c)(3) organization, has developed an annual RAP Appeal to assist the Park System in making quality recreation available to disadvantaged youth here in our county. The Friends provide scholarships for children from Monmouth County’s urban communities to participate in week-long summer camps (including door-to-door transportation), summer concerts, boat rides, farm tours, and educational programs.

Learn more about RAP and how to help send a child to camp.

Give the gift of membership!   

If you cherish parks, pledge your membership or give a loved one a membership by clicking below.

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The Friends of the Monmouth County Park System, Inc., is a member-based, 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides financial support for the Monmouth County Park System. Your support improves park facilities and programs through:

  • preserving historical and natural resources,
  • providing recreational opportunities for urban youth, and
  • providing activities for individuals with disabilities within the community.

Please consider joining us as we support your beautiful County Parks!

Our Membership Drive is Underway!

Friends of the Parks brochure cover

Learn how to become part of the Friends of the Parks

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Facebook LogoFormed in 1991, the Friends of the Parks is a non-profit, 501(c)(3)Facebook Logo registered charitable organization comprised of area citizens and businesses committed to the support of the Monmouth County Park System. In this day and age, when recreation funding must be stretched to meet the needs of a burgeoning population, membership dues, donations, and proceeds from special fundraisers furnish the financial assistance necessary to achieve a number of worthwhile goals.

Friends of the Park Board 2015


What Do We Do?  
Throughout beautiful Monmouth County, the Park System manages parks, golf courses, recreation areas, historic sites and stream valleys for your recreation and enjoyment. The Friends realize how important it is to protect and preserve the more than 16,000 acres of county parks and open space maintained by the Park System.  

Memorial Bench 

Kimball Bench

Honor the memory of a relative or friend or recognize a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement or other special event.  Your tax deductible donation will underwrite the cost of the bench and its installation. The Friends will install a recognition plaque on each donated bench.

Urban Rec participants thank Friends for great time at the Monmouth County Fair.
Urban Rec participants thank Friends for great time at the Monmouth County Fair.


Bench Collage


Coastal Activity Center Holiday Party


Historic Dress for Longstreet Farm

Tree Planting
Urban Rec Water Activity


What Are You Waiting For?   
Become a Friend today. For an application form, call the Friends of the Parks office at 732-975-9735 or download the form in pdf format.

The Friends accept American Express, Visa & MasterCard. Call the Friends office at 732-975-9735 for payment information. 

The Friends Tax ID #:  22-3163875.